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How To Earn Extra Money Without A 9-5 Soul Sucker

How To Earn Extra Money Without A 9-5 Soul Sucker

musoSo here’s the thing. You want to make music, playing that guitar your whole life, , but you also want to make  money from your music too don’t you? You need to keep a roof over your head, eat, pay for all those band expenses: Rehearsal rooms, equipment, van hire to get everything and everyone to those hard won gigs – even when you have to sell tickets to your friends and family  to pay for the PA. It’s a pain when really all you really want to do is play – to get in front of people.

These days there are many more options to earn extra money to fund your passion without having to resort to the day job. I’ll tell you how I do it now in a minute.  At the end of the day a day job just sucks the soul out of you if it’s not what you want to be doing. Chances are you’ll suck at it anyway cos your heart is just not in it.

Living Your Dreams And Keeping Body And Soul Together

I’ve been there and I’ve also tried the starving artist thing – didn’t like it much. I remember when I worked as an AV technician while my band was doing a support tour with All About Eve. I was touring the country with the day job on a Financial roadshow (yeah it was dull !) and having to find time to make all the phone calls to arrange transport, time off, accommodation and to coordinate the other band members – Nightmare !!

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Are you living the dream yet?

Since the support tour wasn’t actually paying us – other than plenty of food and booze, we also had to find time to burn CD’s in between day job and gig schedules so that we could sell them at the gigs to earn extra money. We came in with a slight profit in the end actually but it was hard work.  Remember you also have to put on a show in the tiny amount of time you are actually on stage between all the other crap in between.

Cooler Ways To Earn Extra Money And Get More Time For The Fun Stuff

Meantime technology has just been getting better and better. Look at what you can do at home now in terms of recording: Look at all the amp modelling and effects possibilities – never mind marketing. It’s the last point that made me realise that the 9-5 day job is just no longer necessary. You can make money online in exactly the same way that you no longer really need record companies to sell your music – you can do it online.

I make my living now doing digital marketing. This website is just one of the ways I make money so that I can spend more time with a guitar round my neck. I did this by learning the ropes – exactly like I learned how to play guitar in the first place. I went back to school, got some great teachers and now I have multiple income streams.

You see when you know how to market products and services online the right way – no scams or get rich crap – just earning commissions from selling whatever you like using automated systems, you can free up a ton of time. What can you do with that time – you guessed it – concentrate on your music.

Anything Is Possible These Days

I signed up to a training programme run by two of the coolest and most successful guys I’ve ever met after seeing some videos they made and I’ve never looked back. If this sounds like the solution you have been looking for to earn extra money, then you can see those videos by clicking on Zak’s Les Paul below – they’re free and they could be the best thing you ever do for you and your music. Too many great musicians give up because of the money thing – you don’t need to give up on living your dream anymore.

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