Online Guitar Lessons

Online Guitar lessons

online guitar lessons

I still remember my first guitar lessons. A long time before we all had the Internet so online guitar lessons were clearly not an option. Instead you learned from guitar tutors if you could afford them and/or from friends, big brothers and by listening to records  (yes the big black shiny discs) The options we have now though make learning online via video a brilliant way to get started.

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The Advantages Of Online Guitar Lessons

Like with all teaching the only disadvantage with online guitar lessons is the lack of actual personal contact. In my opinion though the advantages far outweigh this – with a good which takes the right approach site at least. You do need to supply the discipline and the desire to learn but that’s not really something a tutor can supply in a once a week lesson either. Yes you can get homework but you’re paying the guy so there is no real way to make you do the work if you don’t want to.

Given then that you are desperate to be the next (insert chosen guitar hero) lets assume you want to do the work and are prepared to go through the early sore fingered, buzzing chord stages. What makes online guitar lessons so appealing?

Well for a kick off – you get to choose the level of teaching you are ready for as well the music you are going to be learning. This is huge. We now have the ability to source the music we want to learn easily from the internet from the many guitar tab sites out there, so there is no more being forced to play – “Blowin in the wind”, or “Tambourine man”, (unless of course you want to).

Online Guitar Lessons With Jamplay

Another great advantage with online guitar lessons delivered as video is that you can set your own pace. You can rewind the video to go back over a certain part or just watch it through as many times as you need to before moving on the next lesson.

I love Jamplay as an online guitar lessons site – just watch the video to get a feel for what they offer. It’s pretty incredible for anyone from beginner to accomplished player looking to learn some new techniques. The teachers at Jamplay are all professional players, some with some big name bands. There are over 50 tutors offering more than 2500 guitar and bass lessons. Whether you are an acoustic or electric player they have you covered.

Jamplay online guitar lessons offer a structured approach to teaching so you can find the right place to fit your level of experience, the particular style you are interested in and specific songs – If they don’t have a tutorial for a particular song you can request that they add it !

I’ve watched a number of Jamplay lessons and I’m well impressed. I’m only interested in top quality for the Creative Guitar Lounge and that’s definitely what you get here. Check it out!

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