Learning From Home With Online Guitar Lessons Rocks!

online guitar lessonsWhen I was a pup (longer ago than I care to remember) We didn’t have the internet. I pleaded with my folks until they bought me my first guitar one Christmas. Taking lessons was a condition of the deal and it was a tedious process – not so now. Online guitar lessons have changed all that!

My folks could see that I wasn’t then interested in much else than playing guitar. The saw difficult times and shattered dreams ahead. They thought that classical guitar lessons would therefore be a good idea – sort of a useful skill that might stand me in good stead if Rock stardom failed to materialise. So off I was sent to the strange classical guitar man.

Why Online Guitar Lessons Are So Great

online guitar lessonsIt wasn’t my bag. I don’t regret it now but at the time I had a head full of Sex Pistols and Stranglers. I persevered as long as I could but the folks could see my heart wasn’t in it. So I swapped Etudes in E minor for a slightly more palatable “easy listening” class.

That took place in a draughty village hall where myself and a mixed bag of others learned Mr Tambourine Man, Leaving on a Jet Plane and Country Roads. Again – not my bag but more so than the classical stuff. Eventually I found what I was looking for in books and from friends’ older brothers but it was a long slog.

Things are so different now with what’s available online. You can pick and choose what you want to learn. You don’t need to travel to get lessons. You are not restricted to an hour or two a week with a tutor and it’s cheaper.

Online Guitar Lessons – Your Little Rock Star Will Love You (more) For Them

online guitar lessonsI’ve done my share of guitar tuition and I’ve learned some things.



  1. People learn better when they love what they’re learning
  2. People practice more when they are passionate about what they are learning
  3. Being able to talk to reach out to your teacher whenever you need to is absolutely priceless.
  4. Nothing discourages learners more than being made to play music they cant identify with
  5. Nothing encourages them more than learning exactly what they DO want to learn.

Online video guitar lessons cover all these bases: You can be very specific about the type of guitar lessons you want; You can stop, pause and replay videos whenever you want to; You can practice with or without the teacher whenever you want to.

When I was looking for online guitar lessons to promote on my website I came across Jamplay and quickly saw how good their products were. The teachers are all seasoned professionals, many of whom are in demand session players. Pupils can choose from a huge range of styles, even down to a specific famous player’s style or specific songs.

If I were learning now or was looking for lessons for my kids this is without a doubt where I would go. The quality, range and sheer professionalism they offer is awesome.

Check them out on the link below.


I'm Dave Menzies a digital entrepreneur, photographer and guitarist. I live on the Argyll coast of Scotland. My partner and I write, record and produce our own music and videos in our home studio. I love to help individuals discover the lifestyle freedom offered by the digital world and guitarists to develop their own style.