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Finding The Right Guitar

Finding the right guitar is a very personal journey. It’s a great journey to take though if you keep an open mind. There a few a basic things that a guitar has to do for you for it to be perfect in my humble opinion and actually you can have more than one! there is no rule book on this – even if there was,  the typical guitarist would want to break it !

For me it’s like this:

It’s got to feel right – gotta fit my skinny long fingers and sit against my bony hips just so!

It’s got to deliver the sound I like without too much tweaking – I’m a humbucker man by choice but I can live with the single coil sound if it’s hits me the right way. I’ve just never been able to drag the sound I want from my Strat – the sound other players seem to get quite easily.

It’s got to look right (but I’m broad minded)


That’s seriously about all I personally need (apart from a good strap) and after years of experimenting and hundreds of guitars it’s a Les Paul for me. That’s just me though. If my old Washburn Chicago with

Mine had chrome skulls glued round the body.... I still miss it : (
Mine had chrome skulls glued round the body…. I still miss it : (

the Floyd Rose whammy bar, locking nut and coil tapped humbuckers hadn’t been nicked from my car one night after a gig I’d still be playing that or something similar but my trusty no-frills LP studio has done me proud for many years now.

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