Guitar Heroes – Who’s Yours?

I have many guitar heroes and want to do a series of short homage type posts about them. There is only one place to start IMHO

jimiEver since “something in the air” around 1965 changed a certain Mr James Marshall Hendrix from a be-suited sideman in Little Richard’s band into the psychedelic guitar god from mars, guitarists have emulated him in one way or another.

Jimi Hendrix At Woodstock

You only need to see the Star Spangled Banner  section of his groundbreaking performance at Woodstock to get a feel for the influence he’s had on guitarists and guitar based music ever since. Give it a listen to see what I mean. You will hear him effortlessly pull off passages that entire bands have since used to create their signature style.woodstock

Who knows what he would have done in later years if he hadn’t co-founded the 27 club in 1971. We know that he was getting tired of the guitar burning, feedback drenched playacting that had become expected of him and was reaching for newer sounds. Since his day guitars, amps, effects and recording techniques have evolved massively so god only knows what he might have done with all that.

Pioneering Electric Guitar Playing

Jimi has to first on my list just because of what he showed what was possible with the electric guitar. Things were basic back then in terms of Amps and FX in particular so with little more than volume to work with, his achievements were really out of this world.

Who are your guitar heroes and why ?



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